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Good afternoon Roth, I’d like to again express my appreciation as I got the case today and I wasn’t prepared for just how much I’d like it. It’s the most beautifully functional thing I own. Thank you again.
Philip, Germany

I am writing to express my deepest appreciation for the backpack you crafted for me three years ago. It has not only stood the test of time but has also proven to be a reliable companion in my daily life. The backpack is beautifully made, showcasing your exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Despite daily use and abuse and occasional disasters, like coffee spills and exposure to harsh weather conditions, it remains in excellent shape. It has received a few minor buffs and scrapes but nothing that requires more than occasional tlc. To me it keeps getting better and better. This is a testament to the quality of materials you used and the care you put into its creation. Your work has made a significant difference in my everyday routine. The backpack’s durability and aesthetic appeal have earned it many compliments, and I proudly share that it was made by you. Thank you for putting such effort and expertise into this backpack. Your work truly stands out, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it. Bjørn’s Business Rucksack

Bjorn, Norway

Hi Roth, today is the first travel with my new briefcase and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your outstanding craftsmanship, your service and the stunningly solid quality of the case. It exceeds my already high expectations and looks even better than on the pictures! I would clearly recommend your practice to other people looking for a new briefcase.

Felix, Germany

I have received the case! It’s truly a stunning piece of craftsmanship and has to rank as one of the nicest things I own, full stop. It exceeded my already high expectations. I want to thank you for putting in the effort to get all of the design choices incorporated in an aesthetically coherent and pleasing way. I’ll certainly recommend you to anyone who asks about the case, and I look forward to carrying it for years to come.

Kyle, USA

I absolutely love my case. I have taken the best care of it and it looks so amazing. It gets compliments everywhere I travel. It is honestly one of my favorite purchases I have ever had made. Such a nice piece, custom to me that exudes some of the finest craftsmanship and quality I have ever seen. I seriously cannot say enough good things about it.

Jeremy, USA

Wow, I don’t even know what to say! The tote is absolutely stunning. I love the depth of colour, I think the two darker browns were absolutely the right choice, the contrast between the grain of the body and the sheen of the bridle handles is such a nice detail. You’ve nailed the size, it’s so practical and such an elegant shape. The brass of the zip on the inside pocket with the leather surround sets off the whole thing so well. All in all an incredible piece of craftsmanship that I can’t wait to see age. I can’t speak highly enough of the service you’ve provided, it’s been so enjoyable and I have no doubt this won’t be my last commission. Look forward to working together again soon.

Angus, Scotland

Roth, I wanted to tell you that the case arrived last Thursday and I’ve been using it since. Truly stunning work—it’s exactly what I was envisioning. The exterior leather has a lovely color and texture and looks like it will age nicely. The interior green suede lining is a great match for the outside hazel, and I think the pockets are perfect for my needs. Handle is a great fit and I’m glad you suggested it—the fully covered look is perfect without being overly beefy, as fits a bag of this size. Weight was almost exactly 4 lb as you predicted (must admit I thought it would be a lot more but glad I was wrong!). Thank you for your patience and guidance through this process. Your bespoke service is superb and it was a pleasure communicating with you. I would recommend you to anyone in need of an elegant and practical leather case!

Vincent, USA

I’ve looked all over the world for the right briefcase and could never quite find it, until I was introduced to Roth. Not new to high end cases, I own cases made by various companies known for making bags using canvas, black nylon, even ballistic nylon. My briefcase made by Roth, beats all of them in build and leather quality. I work in Tech with one of the FAANG and find my case suitable for a techie’s daily carry. The leather strap is surprisingly comfortable after only one week of breaking in. The idea of carrying the latest tech in a traditionally made case (using materials and design of a recent golden age) is really cool. You’ll also look great when travelling for business.  Just get one from Roth, you’ll never regret it. Very pleased with Roth’s work of art

Yit Sheng, Malaysia

I wanted to thank you very much for the case. It is simply wonderful. It is perfectly on specs and your craftsmanship is really, really impressive. It must be a cliché for your at this point, but this case will be cherished and will probably serve more than a generation of the family! It has been a great pleasure to do business with you.

Patrick, Montreal

Good morning Roth, I received the case yesterday and I must say that it exceeded my already high expectations. The design is spot on and the craftsmanship and overall feeling of quality is excellent! Many thanks!

Gustaf, Sweden

Roth — the case was delivered yesterday: put simply, it is a work of art. I’m thrilled with how it turned out, including both the quality of the craftsmanship and the pure aesthetic of it. I’ll be bringing it to the courthouse for the first time tomorrow, as I expect to do a hundred times thereafter, and I promise to use it well. Thank you again for all the work you put into this — I could not be happier with it.

Adam, USA

I received the bag today! The bag is beyond words!! I was speechless when I opened the package. The more I look at it, the more I love it (didn’t know that was possible since I already loved the bag from the product shots you took). From the feel of the suede, leather, fittings alone, I know this bag will last for many years to come. Every detail is as I envisioned, if not better. Thank you for your dedication, precision, and sparkling personality. You’re incredibly talented and an absolute joy to work with. I’ll be happy to spread the word about your work. All the best,

Julie, USA

Roth, The briefcase arrived this morning.  Thanks a lot, very well done.  I will get many years of use from this, no doubt.  The leather quality and tone are just perfect and I think we did very well with the clean, simple design and the choice of lock. You are a very talented craftsman in addition to being super-responsive to your customer’s demands and preferences. Thank you very much again and best regards,

JP, Paris

Roth, I truly don’t know what to say! I am absolutely speechless, this bag is impeccable in every sense of the word. I knew it was going to be nice, but photos cannot do your work justice, just incredible! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to your craft. I will be certain to share with my friends how awesome this whole process and even better, end product is.

Jeremy, USA

Just received the briefcase today and I am thrilled. The conker leather is a beautiful shade of brown, the interior leather for the pockets is an amazing, striking contrast (what a great suggestion you made!), and the whole thing just looks incredible, inside and out. The craftsmanship is stellar and I can tell it will meet my every need for many years to come. I have been thinking about upgrading my everyday carry case for some time and scoured the internet for options before reaching out to you, and I can already tell I made the right choice. You provide such a thorough and accommodating bespoke service with questions and recommendations for every need, and you produce an amazing product.

Scott, USA

Dear Roth, Bags & belts arrived a few mins ago. I am utterly overwhelmed by them all. They are all a thing of complete beauty. They are just all wonderful. I just love the look, feel & smell of the leather. The shape, proportions, structure and your craftsmanship is just a pleasure to behold. I just don’t know what to say next! There are just not enough superlatives to do these works of art justice! Thank you so very much for your hard work and craftsmanship. I know I will enjoy them for years to come and of course be the envy of all, which is the main thing! Ha !!!! I shall point all my envious admirers in your direction. Thanks again and all the very best.

Richard, UK
Finally opened the package today. The bag is quite beautiful! I’m so excited to start using. Roth, you do some amazing work. Thanks so much for working with me on making this beautiful bag. All the best!
Paul Kim, New York
Dear Roth, I’ve now had the chance, and privilege, to make myself acquainted to my new case, and I must say I like it very much! I’m very happy with the look, and I really appreciate the craftsmanship and effort you’ve put in.
Joakim, Sweden
I first discovered Roth’s work three years ago after scouring the internet for a new bag.  I found his website with the Ashton bag and fell immediately in love.  I ordered the bag and used it every day for three years, loving every day with it.  However my life began to require me to carry larger items with me, which made me very sad to think that my wonderful bag would not function as well.  So I emailed Roth and asked him if he was able to make a larger version of the bag and being the incredible gentleman and craftsman that he is, he worked with me repeatedly through numerous emails and requests to create an incredibly unique and perfect bag for me, which I will treasure for years to come!  The bag is truly spectacular, unique, stunning, and truly practical!  And I have enjoyed “chatting” with Roth through all of our many exchanges and hope to meet him one day when we make it to the UK!
Victoria, USA
Dear Roth, I got the case today. It sure is a beauty. It will bring me lots of joy. Thanks for your craftsmanship – it sure is a unique piece! All the best, Knut.
Knut's Case, Sweden
The case just arrived and it’s perfect. Thank you for your incredible work and commitment to things made the right way. Your craftsmanship, care and the extremely high quality of your work shines through everywhere I look. I’ll be using this briefcase daily into the foreseeable future and am looking forward to watching it age. Thank you again for making this such an enjoyable process. I’ll definitely be referring people your way soon. All the best, Matthew.
Matthew's Case, California
Dear Roth, I am very happy to say that I received the briefcase today. It is absolutely stunning! Beautifully made, wonderfully minimalist, and it looks spectacular both inside and out and from every angle. The interior pockets fit my phone and wallet perfectly, and the handle is a joy to hold. So, too, is the beautiful stitching. I cannot thank you enough for making such a fine briefcase, which is truly unique both in terms of craftsmanship and design. Also, I wish to thank you for your patience during the process and for your tremendous customer service. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you (although you did by far most of the work!), and I will treasure the briefcase for many years to come. Again, my deepest thanks to you. What a joy to know that such excellent craftsmanship still exists
Hi Roth! Just arrived back today to find the shoulder bag waiting for me. Oh my, it is beautiful, a really lovely bit of craftmanship. Wonderful, am really delighted. Many thanks.
Dawn, Clifton Shoulder Bag
The briefcase was to be a present for my brother, a distinguished professor, for his 60th birthday, so it had to be very special.  I chose Hrothgar’s original design, the Winchester, but wanted to customise it further. Roth was very helpful and very patient as it took me a long time to decide on all bespoke aspects. Extra gusset, special handle, cast brass lock, external pocket, initials, you name it. Roth took special care to make sure it got to the States in time for the presentation. When it was unwrapped I could not believe how stunning it was. This bag has quite a presence! Attention to detail, elegant yet sturdy, exquisite leather (vegetable-tanned for more than a year!) with wonderfully warm colour (hazel) and a soothing smell. Now I need to start saving for mine.
Phoebus, Crete
Dear Hrothgar, I’d like to say that I am absolutely thrilled with the bag. It’s even better than I imagined and, as you said, the red leather is stunning. So many superlatives come to mind this e-mail would go on for a very long time if I listed them all! Thank you so much.
Roth, I received the bag today- its absolutely beautiful.
Thank you so much- its of superior make and quality to bags I’ve paid much more for in the past.
I love the leather, and all the little things you did to make it bespoke. Thank you, I will be telling everyone about your craftmanship and look forward to continued purchases in the future.
Thanks again-
Sunjay Sharma, Bespoke Salisbury
Dear Roth! I finally can speak. The case is just stunning. Everybody I know make compliments (even though they don’t know anything about quality bags). I just want to say thank you one more time. I frankly expected something of a less quality for that money but then I saw it for myself I can’t see anything to improve. Great job. Would recommend you to everybody.
kindest regards,
Nikolay Vlasov, Winchester Briefcase
I am absolutely delighted with the belt which arrived 26th April, just in time for my birthday.  It is a rare and precious delight when something far exceeds expectations: this is EXACTLY the belt I’ve been looking for, made to last using quality materials; made with skill and pride and packaged/delivered in a way which made me feel like a valued customer.
You’ve made me very happy indeed, please keep up the good work.
Rob Watts
Roth, The bag and belt arrived in beautiful condition. The bag really is everything I had hoped for. Thank you again for the time and trouble you took to work out its design and to execute it perfectly. I’ve already received compliments on its quality and craftsmanship. Warm wishes from rainy Utah,
I purchased one of these at the same time as a leather business rucksack, nearly a year ago.
A local man who has worked with leather for many years told me that this was the best he had seen.
I agree with him !
It is very well made and the leather is strong yet elegant.
Highly recommended !
Underarm Folio, Neil Bullen Feb 2013
The bags arrived yesterday and are WONDERFUL. Love the smell, the craftsmanship, the packaging. I think I am going to keep them both for me and Em can have one another time ! Many thanks. Judy
Funky Satchel and Executive Handbag, Judy Haslam-Jones
I purchased a Winchester briefcase and am very happy with it. From the substantial bridle handle to the leather closure straps with genuine brass buckles, the craftsmanship and attention to detail are outstanding. To be sure,
I will enjoy this case for many years to come. An added bonus: communication and delivery were timely and very effective. Thank you!
Geoff, February 5, 2015
>Hi I want to say a huge thank you for the belt it’s superb even better than I expected and I have already taken it to the engravers. I will definitely want more of these the next order will be at least 10 and probably another 10 after these are superb quality, fantastic value and a true sample of quality craftsmanship. Please keep in touch and I will send you a photo of the finished product engraved for your records and again a massive thank you for the brilliant speedy service I wish everyone was as straight and honest as you.
Two-pin roller buckle in nickel, Roger, PHX Security
I diligently looked for months to find a briefcase that was well-made from quality materials. If you have been wanting such a bag, you should look no further, trust me. My Salisbury Briefcase is wonderful. The details and construction are top notch, and the leather is of the utmost quality. The beauty of this briefcase was apparent from sight, feel and smell (the leather smells fantastic) from the moment I opened the package upon arrival. Having had it for a few months, I like it all the more. To top it all off, the proprietor, Mr. Stibbon, is a wonderful fellow to deal with.
My wife has just started an M.A and I wanted to get her something she would cherish and would last the six years of her course !!
Having scoured the internet I found numerous writing cases of varying standards…. and prices !!!
Price was a real consideration with two young children and a wife that is studying we are really having to watch the pennies !
My other choice was allegedly handmade and half the price.
I spoke to Hrothgar on the phone and he said I was welcome to visit his workshop and select the hide, lining etc to make something totally bespoke.
When I met him I felt I had made the right decision.
When I got the case I certainly had !!
The quality and detailed workmanship that has gone into it not to mention the hours it must take him, make it a real bargain but it is beyond just a bargain it is such a beautiful object.
When she opened it on her birthday my wife was overjoyed, in use it is not only practical but stunning and tactile, she absolutely loves it !!!!
As far as lasting the six years of her course it will probably be passed down the generations !!
Thank you !
Hrothgar is great. Quickly sends things. Beautiful quality craftsmanship. Great communication about the sale. Wonderful! Thank you!
Saddle Handbag, George Schuler
What an amazing experience ordering this bag! Roth was a pleasure to work with and helped me make the briefcase i spent months looking for. The closest i had found was a Swayne Adney bag [Swaine, Aidney and Brigg, London], but upon reciept i realized that it was too big, being made for legal sized documents. I must say that Roth’s work is on par, if not better, then the bag i saw from SA. Anyone looking for a traditional English Bridle Leather Brief, look no further. It doesn’t get better then Hrothgar Stibbon! Thanks Roth!
Jason's Bespoke Case, GBXSport
Outstanding. Stunningly beautiful belts (I bought several!), extremely friendly, helpful seller, lightning delivery. Thank you very much
Gorgeous bag of heirloom quality my daughter will cherish this gift for many years to come. Thank you for the delivery right on time for Christmas!
Saddle Handbag, Karen Hodges